Laurie Rogers-Smalley headshot with American Flag background

Laurie Rogers-Smalley

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Laurie is a 56-year resident of Mount Pleasant who grew up in Pleasantville and raised her three children in Valhalla with her husband Peter. Laurie has proudly served as a Councilwoman since 2013 and has since spent her time dedicated to fulfilling her promise to run a “Quality of Life” program governed by three tenants: 1) sound fiscal management; 2) intelligent development; and 3) public safety.

Laurie currently serves as Deputy Supervisor, as well as Liaison to the Comptroller’s office. Laurie believes that while Mount Pleasant is growing, the town is in a unique position to welcome carefully reviewed and planned new development.

Laurie retired from a 42-year career as a Registered Nurse in 2019, during which she served as Supervising Public Health Nurse with the Westchester County Department of Health. Outside of her role as Councilwoman, Laurie’s commitment to Mount Pleasant residents is unmatched, spending the majority of her free time volunteering to numerous organizations and causes that help our community.