Tom Sialiano headshot with American Flag background

Tom Sialiano

4 red stars

Tom is a retired FDNY Lieutenant who has spent his life serving his community. After moving to Mount Pleasant in 1990 with his wife Donalyn, Tom was appointed to the Mount Pleasant Architectural Review Board, serving for one year until he was promoted to the Planning Board, where he served 10 valuable years.

He was then elected to the Mount Pleasant Town Board, serving as a Councilman from 2002 to 2012 and then again in 2017. During his time as Councilman, Tom has served on every committee and in 2020, was appointed as the Deputy Supervisor for the fiscal year.

Tom’s main focus as a Councilman is to provide outstanding service to the taxpayers, creating a business-friendly environment, diverse taxbase, and appropriate housing for seniors. As a Councilman, Tom has delivered 15 on-time budgets that were fiscally conservative and provided essential services.

In addition to the Town Board, Tom is a professional golfer and PGA of America member. He is currently the Director of Instruction at Pleasantville CC, where he has helped hundreds of children learn the game while teaching them discipline, patience, and skill-building. Tom also provides free golf instruction to our veterans through the MET PGA HOPE Program.